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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First we pre-condition the fabric to loosen and dirt and soil trapped in the fibers using professional products.

Next, we use a powerful truck-mounted extraction system to extract the loosened soil and fine particulate matter from your fabric (carpets or upholstery). This system uses pressurized hot water to agitate and loosen deep-seated soil and dirt, along with the pre-conditioner, and prepares it for extraction.

This is followed by a powerful vacuum system, which is passed over the carpets multiple times, removing the loosened dirt and soil from the carpet.

We also apply cleaning solutions in order to remove any possibility of saturation and accelerate the drying process, leaving you with fresh, clean, and sanitized carpets.

How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

This is one of the most common questions asked of us, and it varies based on a number of considerations, including weather and humidity.

On average, our carpets dry within 5 to 7 hours. This time, however, can be lessened with just a few simple steps:

  • Air flow, such as a portable fan or overhead fan, allows air to flow across the top of the carpets, which will help dry them faster

  • Hot air, in the form of in-home heating or even a portable heater, will help considerably as well

  • In warmer weather, simply opening windows for a few hours can make a large difference in the drying time of your carpets.


Occasionally, carpets that require more attention due to heavier staining or soiling will require more time to dry.

Whats the difference between renting a carpet cleaner and having it professionally done?

The machinery and products that professional cleaners, like Super Klean, use are more powerful then the ones available for the public to rent. This means that we are able to remove more dust, grime and allergens from your carpets, upholstery and area rugs.

Another consideration is that the quality of rental carpet cleaners vary so much from store to store, even from machine to machine.

Finally, we've got thousands of rooms worth of carpet cleaning experience meaning that you will get the most thorough clean to keep your house looking it's best and to extend the life of your carpets and furniture.

When are you open?

We are always open. We know that floods and other emergencies happen at all hours and can't wait. Give us a call anytime and we'll be there as soon as we can.

How does it work?
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